Say Hello to Tyler Sherritt, Say Goodbye to Typical

Tyler Sherritt is not the typical run of the mill talent in the current world of EDM.  Motivated?  Yes.  Knowledgeable?  No doubt.  Talented? Enter any venue during one of his sets and you would have little choice but to answer yes.  Vocals, instrumentals, and beats designed by Tyler himself, along with a lifelong musical background and oozing passion for the craft…Tyler own these things, and creates his music with hopes for “a progression of spreading and making good music.”

Tyler, 21, entered the musical world at a young age.  Already encouraged to sing as a child, Tyler started to play instruments when he moved to Baku, Azerbaijan at the age of 13. “I spent most of my time starting bands, recording and exploring everything musical I could get my hands on,” says Tyler.  “Azerbaijan helped me find myself as a musician.  From there I continued, it’s just what I do.”

Continue he did.  Tyler moved back stateside at the age of 16, and immediately journeyed down the path of musical exploration.  “All I wanted to do was make some bad ass music and sing,” says Tyler.  He used that drive to get on the songwriting path, and started to sing on a lot of choruses on hip-hop and pop tracks.  This led Tyler to tour and open for Shwayze, Tyga, Laze and Royal and LMFAO in the Fall of 2008.

Hip-hop, pop, Shwayze…so how in the world does EDM enter the equation you may wonder?  Two words: Coachella 2010.  “Tiesto came out to headline, and I can say without hesitation, in that moment I was, I guess you could say, enlightened,” Sherritt says.  “Ever since that moment, my life has been filled with EDM, it’s all I do now.  From tech house to progressive and trance. In the past 2 years I have done nothing but spend all my time and energy into the development of my music, going to shows and playing shows myself and I can’t tell you enough how much fun it has been.”

All of this time and energy has landed Tyler gigs in venues such as New York City’s Pacha, Miami’s Louis in the Gansevoort Hotel, and an upcoming gig in Washington DC’s Fur Nightclub (February 3rd).  This time and energy has also gotten Tyler’s sophomore track, On the Otherside, signed to Pinkstar Records (Seek Bromance-Tim Berg), and from the looks of it, a loyal fan base.  Laura Martini, a DC native and multi-genre EDM fan has said it best.  “From the minute I walked in (to a recent Sherritt gig), the energy was high and it stayed that way until the lights came on.  You know it’s a good night when you stop dancing because the DJ is done spinning.”

Kevin Middleton, co-founder of NYC based Set List Agency agrees.  “Tyler Sherritt is a true talent in the EDM world.  His passion for the music and his energy on stage is definitely something to witness for yourself.”

With tracks set to debut in the near future, industry and fan interest alike, and an unwavering commitment to the music, Tyler Sherritt is a name to look out for.  He’s in this world now, and we can expect him to only grow with the genre.  As Tyler says himself,  “EDM is not just a genre, it’s a lifestyle that when you really discover it, you can’t keep yourself away from it.”

upcoming dates:

1/20: MIA Lounge, DC

2/3: FUR Nightclub, DC

2/25: District Underground and



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